CaaS: "Cooking" as a Service

Medhat Mahmoud, Sr. Director, Technology & Strategy, IoT Solutions, Huawei Technologies

Internet of Things and Big Data: Old is New and New is Old

Internet of Things and Big Data: Old is...

Shane Fazzio, Director of Product Management, IoT Platforms & Analytics, Honeywell...

Securing the Internet of Things: Best Practices for the Enterprise

Securing the Internet of Things: Best...

Phil Skipper, Head of Business Development, Vodafone Internet of Things [NASDAQ:VOD]

Smart City: Connecting today's Generation with Future

Smart City: Connecting today's...

Chris Knight, Director, Marketing, Lightower

What Could 5G Mean to the World of Enterprise?

Danessa Lambdin, VP, Mobility Product Management, AT&T Business Marketing [NYSE:T]

IoT - Busting the Myth

Jason Collins, VP of IoT Marketing, Nokia [NYSE:NOK]

AEM: Ensuring Infrastructure Readiness Across Smart Building Technologies

AEM: Ensuring Infrastructure Readiness...

Lisa Schwartz, Dir. Marketing and Channels,AEM

Underwriters Laboratories: Working for a Safer World

Underwriters Laboratories: Working for...

Keith Williams, CEO & President,Underwriters Laboratories

Small Cells: The Key to Enterprise Mobility's Future

Small Cells: The Key to Enterprise...

Imran Akbar, VP & GM, Wireless Enterprise, Samsung [KRX:005930]

Pushing the Limits on Enterprise Communications

Pushing the Limits on Enterprise...

Miguel Lopes, VP, Product Line Management, Dialogic