Millennium Communications Group: A Game-Changer in Fiber Optics Networking

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Keith Burkhard, Surveillance and Security Manager and Zachary Magid, Engineering Manager, Millennium Communications GroupKeith Burkhard, Surveillance and Security Manager and Zachary Magid, Engineering Manager
The ongoing shift to remote work, in the wake of COVID-19, has accentuated the need for robust and highly secure networking infrastructure and connectivity across enterprises and schools. The telecommunications market expansion can also be attributed to several factors, such as rising demand for high-speed connectivity devices and systems, increasing data center convergence trends, and growing investments in communication infrastructure. However, these evolving needs could affect service quality, creating roadblocks in implementing productive and effective remote work plans.

If there is one company that has fared well in this ever-changing telecommunications space, it’s Millennium Communications Group. The New Jersey-based firm has been committed to solving diverse data, security, and networking technology challenges faced by enterprises and schools. With over 25 years of experience in delivering best-in-class technology solutions, Millennium brings its rich and in-depth expertise in fiber optics networking to provide IT and security solutions. Founded in 1995, Millennium is a full-service technology communications company that has made its mark in the industry as a highly-skilled and reliable source of engineering, construction, and technical solutions.

With a long list of clients and prestigious projects in both the private and public sectors, Millennium is widely considered the network construction provider of choice. “We offer a full turnkey solution and serve all of the infrastructure needs and peripheral needs for our clients. Also, we provide services for every aspect of a network, including security and wireless access points in education, commercial or MTU space,” states Keith Burkhard, Surveillance and Security Manager, Millennium Communications Group.

“Being a technology company, we are continuously undergoing process improvement and optimization efforts. Even during this pandemic, we worked in shifts across the board to keep our networks online and accelerate new network builds. We have been able to accelerate security system deployments to reduce the canvassing activities that were previously performed by police and detectives. Moreover, we have witnessed huge benefit on the emergency operations as all these deployments reduced face to face interactions,” asserts Zachary Magid, Engineering Manager, Millennium Communications Group.

We offer a full turnkey solution and serve all of the infrastructure needs and peripheral needs for our clients

As one of the leading companies in fiber optic network construction, Millennium simplifies and overcomes long-standing intricate network problems that the clients generally come across. Bringing the speed of light to its clients, Millennium associates with them from the very beginning of a project and sketches a plan with them to maximize the benefits of all the capabilities that the client holds across different systems. Being one of the major players in the market, Millennium has been able to deliver all of its projects on time, even during this pandemic, as they have access to all the necessary materials required. “We have an inventory stock that we can draw on at a pre-negotiated price without going through the process of fetching quotes from other vendors,” states Burkhard.

While structured cabling forms an integral part of a network, Millennium ensures that its clients are guided and supported by experts and certified professional installers for accomplishing desired outcomes while also maintaining compliance. Millennium offers cabling services that specifically cater to the needs of data networks and data centers, including splicing and terminating, and maintenance services.

Responding to the changing market trends hasn’t been difficult for Millennium as it has grown with key market elements over time. For instance, Millennium has been installing different thermal imaging cameras for a thermal check remotely, whether on a video surveillance system or a standalone system. This particular approach has supported the clients to monitor every individual coming in and out of their facilities and detect an increase in temperature. The thermal imagining technology does not require a human operator as everything can be operated remotely by maintaining proper social distance. This has also reduced the health hazard that security guards often experience. As for the first line of defense, Millennium offers various solutions for implementing thermal imaging in organizations, allowing teams to quickly react to those who might require further screening. The company also specializes in providing services for access control, surveillance, web monitoring, security alerts, and more, empowering enterprises, municipal corporations, and school districts with tailored solutions.

MCG has proven its excellence in driving fulfilling results for its clients, time and again. The company is also looking forward to expanding its business and accelerating the 5G deployments coming around the corner. On the flip side, Millennium is working with cities, towns, and local governments to serve the underserved communities with broadband services and develop plans to provide affordable access across the board and get those networks completed. A committee within the company reviews the latest and the most powerful technologies and has a solid track record of partnering with the best companies, be it Cisco, Microsoft, or Corning. “We offer unmatched professionalism through a stringent quality control program. Millennium is dedicated to deliver the best services that meet our customers’ needs,” concludes Magid.
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Millennium Communications Group

Millennium Communications Group


Keith Burkhard, Surveillance and Security Manager and Zachary Magid, Engineering Manager

Millennium Communications Group (MCG) is a full-service technology communications company that has made its mark in the industry as a highly skilled and reliable source of engineering, construction, and technical solutions