5G and Edge Computing - Winds of Change in Telecom Industry

Telecom Tech Outlook | Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Telecom providers are all set to apply 5G technologies and edge computing in several avenues to create more value in online video streaming services. These entities want to focus on increasing the quality, experience, scalability, and reliability of the networks 

Fremont, CA:  The promise of 5G integration is gradually transforming 2020 into the year of change for the telecom industry. The past year was all about the rigorous expansion of the industry as it connected more and more people each day. The telecom industry dug up a channel to allow innovation flow, especially toward AI and blockchain integration into its legacy systems. The momentum from this goes on as the mobile device dependency increases and newer technologies are brought to support the overall device usage. 

Will Edge Drive Mobile Streaming Demand?  In 2019, the streaming market was propelled with media conglomerates such as Disney launching their own direct to consumer platforms, and industry majors including Amazon Prime securing exclusive licensing agreements from major sports franchises. With a range of streaming options that are made available, the expectations of consumers regarding high-quality viewing experience is also on a surge. This includes mobile viewing, where the on-the-go viewers expect the same experience they get or much higher than the traditional broadcast, with things like supplementary data and social media integration. 

According to a recent report, video rebuffering is the most frustrating aspect of the entire online viewing experience, with 43 percent of viewers all over the globe complaining about it and 66 percent abandoning the video itself after two rebuffering experience. Another frustration, for live events, is stream latency when compared to traditional broadcast.

It is expected that the online mobile video viewing experience will improve with the integration of 5G and edge computing. The promised speeds of 5G will provide much higher speed rates with an internet that connects to mobile devices than the ones available today. The mobile viewing experience will improve to be the best of each viewing device's capabilities in terms of screen size and resolution. Edge computing enables the personalization of online video with targeted ad insertion or as a part of the interactivity between the viewers and content providers. As a result of this, users will avail of the fullest and superior experiences, increasing the use of mobile devices.

Network Capacity is Vital to Mobile Streaming Success:  In the coming year, the network capacity will be tested to check whether it can handle high volumes of traffic as a result of development and increased usage in both live content and cloud gaming over mobile streams. 

Telecom providers, beginning from 2020, will start relying more on content delivery networks (CDNs) as reliance on only one single server for video streams across the world is proven to be deficient. CDNs can deliver viewer scalability, mobile live video streaming with a broad reach along with the capacity to handle spikes in traffic. They are ergonomic, especially when popular content gets fame and suddenly attracts increased numbers of audiences. The result of using CDNs is highly engaging user experience—with excellent quality of sound and video, minimal re-buffering and delays, and increased reliability and availability. 

Global Connectivity will Grow in 2020:  2020 will focus more on those countries that have limited network infrastructure, and edge services will enable the content deliveries by getting closer to the end-user. Overall improvements in the access and performance quality are seen in the newly emerging markets. Many telecom companies have started to adopt this strategy as it has proved to be the most cost-effective and efficient method for expanding access to data. In 2020, the continued growth of a global network among the telecom providers will create universal access and newer opportunities worldwide for knowledge sharing across.

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