5G Infrastructure Likely to Drive $1.3 Trillion Global Media Market

Telecom Tech Outlook | Monday, June 07, 2021

The buffering issue that comes with the live streaming and bulk downloads in the current 4G protocol will be disappeared forever, as the speed can be 1,000 xs faster with 5G

FREMONT, CA: 5G will represent 80 percent of wireless media revenues by 2028', predicted a report commissioned by Intel and conducted by Ovum. The report also predicts that nearly $3 trillion in cumulative revenue opportunities will be spurred by wireless technology from 2019-2028, out of which experiences enabled by 5G networks will account for nearly half of the total revenue ($1.3 trillion). The report claims that the year 2025 will be 'tipping point' for 5G, as it predicts by then, 57 percent of global wireless media revenues will be generated by the next-gen cellular standard, promising 100Gbps bandwidth.

The buffering issue that comes with the live streaming and bulk downloads in the current 4G protocol will be gone forever, as the speeds can be 1,000x faster with 5G. 5G will also boost up the growth of immersive services such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), generating more than $140 billion in cumulative revenues between 2021 and 2028. 5G-led innovation will place the gaming industry at the peak, with AR gaming generating revenues of nearly $36 billion globally.

Ovum predicts that by 2028, the new 'immersive' technologies, which are not in the scene now, will generate an annual revenue bucket of $67 billion, which is equal to the entire current global mobile media market–music, video, and games. The rollout of high-speed 5G mobile service is likely to drive the growth of augmented reality (AR) shopping to 100 million consumers by next year, says a report from Gartner. Retailers will use AR technology in their stores and on e-commerce channels to provide a more immersive experience to the shoppers.

The report reads: "Almost half (46 percent) of retailers plan to deploy either AR or virtual reality (VR) technology, which provides a completely immersive view of a computer-generated world, by next year". The AR technology enables shoppers to virtually try on products through advanced graphical simulation and visualization.

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