5G Revolution is Out! Is the Telecom Workforce Ready?

Telecom Tech Outlook | Tuesday, June 11, 2019

FREMONT, CA: 5G has come a long way, and its impact will dramatically shape the future. Commercial 5G networks are going live now. While previous generations of connectivity focused on consumer and personal communications, 5G will also assist enterprises, by taking the Internet of Things (IoT) to the next level, where fast and smart connectivity is a prerequisite. 5G is not merely a communications network but is an intelligent connectivity platform that can be harnessed by a range of industries.

5G is focused on enhancements on existing Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology for allowing operators to raise their LTE networks. As telecoms are deploying the improvement on LTE, new service dimensions will open up. This approach makes the shift logical, and telecoms are already on the way to 5G. Realizing the potential of 5G, the number of operators ideating and investing in technology is growing substantially.

While there have been technological advancements from previous generations of wireless connectivity in telecom, catering diverse service requirements has become essential. Through improved network performance feature as well as enabling technologies such as IoT, AI, and robotics, 5G is set to add to those service dimensions.

5G networks allow the telecom companies to meet user demand for high-speed data network, along with supporting expensive content types such as 4K/8K videos, AR, VR. Telecom service providers are forging partnerships with players across the value chain to develop content and relevant offerings. It is likely to strengthen the suite of enterprise services by providing a more efficient and agile network with the ability to meet several demands.

The transition towards 5G is fueled, by initiatives taken by governments including initial investments in technology development as well as the focus of regulatory bodies in planning for upcoming commercial rollouts. 5G has the full attention of all key players in the domain, making it pertinent to understand the potential.