Accelerating Connectivity with VMware SD-WAN

Telecom Tech Outlook | Monday, March 18, 2019

Increasing amounts of data are transferring between data centers, cloud environments, branch office, and other remote locations. Data analytics, media traffic, storage demand, and data backup drive all of these data. This traffic creates the need to optimize wide area networks (WANs) performance and applications running on them. As traffic levels rise steadily, there is also an increase in latency-sensitive data transmissions which is viewed by network administrators.

As a networking approach, software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) delivers high performance and cost benefits. It includes visibility and feedback from the end-to-end network to improve transmission efficiencies. This technology also creates a path from proprietary hardware to agile and programmable software-defined WANs. It makes it possible for organizations to keep pace with IT innovations.

Cloud Computing Concepts (C3) company is described as a technology and communications service provider for small, medium-sized, and global enterprises. Its unique combination of cloud-based technologies, on-site expert, and remote support significantly reduces IT-related capital investments as well as ongoing management costs.

The company recently announced that a software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) solution has started supporting its cloud-based services. C3 has also partnered with VeloCloud, which owns VMware, to use its SD-WAN platform. With this partnership, C3's services effectively meet its customers and partners' challenging connectivity and transportation needs. Also, any organizations can optimize access to cloud data centers and SaaS apps with this VMware SD-WAN.

VeloCloud’s VMware SD-WAN provides edge and branch connectivity to bridge the transportation gap between C3 customers and partners. In the SD-WAN service provider market, VeloCloud has been featured prominently. With more than 50 service providers, including AT&T, Windstream, and Sprint, the company has established several partnerships. More than a year ago, VMware acquired the pure-play SD-WAN vendor to integrate it into the NSX network virtualization platform of VMware.

VMware SD-WAN platform combines the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of real-time network overlays with the speed, scale, and automation of cloud-based services. Firms of all sizes and in any industry can aid application growth, network activity, and simplified branch implementations with VMware SD-WAN.