Achieving the world promised by 5G

Telecom Tech Outlook | Monday, December 17, 2018

5GThe next generation telecom that is fifth generation technology will hit the market in the near future. This high-speed network is expected to result in an increased number of network assets. It is not about just speed improvements, but massive internet of things (IoT) ecosystem where networks can serve communication needs for several connected devices with a compromise between speed, latency, and cost. The interests around 5G are based on the promises it makes on its performance

• high data rates

• low latency

• high reliability

 • support for many devices

 • low energy consumption

Each of the above promises brings better improvements for current telecom networks.

IoT is an area for development using wireless 5G network. It will connect every objects, appliances, sensors, devices, and application to the internet as 5G acts as the efficient candidate for IoT due to its flexibility.

Smart home applications are catching up the market, the concept will utilize 5G for connectivity and monitoring of the application. The add-on is that it can be accessed from remote locations.

Network function virtualization (NFV) is a key enabler for coning 5G infrastructure. NFV refers to the replacement of network functions to routers, load balancers, and firewalls. In 5G, NFV will enable a virtual network architecture aspect that is network slicing which allows creating multiple virtual networks to a shared physical infrastructure. These virtual networks can be customized to meet the needs of applications, services, devices, customers or operators. NFV will also enable the distributed cloud, which allows multiple data centers to appear as a single, virtual data center.

Investment in 5G will enable telecom to offer newer services to customers such as home automation and enterprise productivity solutions. Operating economics and rise of new profitable revenue opportunities will rise up. The only need is a sharp right turn to emerge a long-term winner.