Act Smart on the utility of 5G and WI-Fi 6

Catalina Joseph, Telecom Tech Outlook | Saturday, January 02, 2021

Enterprises need to be resourceful on benefiting from the use of 5G technology and Wi-Fi 6 wireless automation

FREMONT, CA: The debate is on who wins the race between 5G cellular network technology and the next-generation wireless standard Wi-Fi, but anyone close to automation can tell what the real picture is. The two balance each other having close attributions and so now it is the work of enterprises on how effectively do they use them.

Prospect of 5G in Organizations

•    What enterprises usually expect is high-speed connectivity and low discontinuity supported with legitimacy. The requirement is easily achieved in case of the 5G cellular network as it uses a licensed spectrum thus eradicating the potential intervention that arises with the unlicensed Wi-Fi spectrum and is built as a private network or supplied with wireless cellular carries.

•    The potential 5G architecture needs many radio access points and yet suffers from poor connectivity inside, so the enterprise needs to evaluate the devices, and this issue can be overcome by installing additional repeaters, antennas, and microcells. The best organizational use for 5G in organizations is outdoors in remote areas such as farming, transportation, oil, and gas extraction, along with mining and other places. 

•    Apart from high mobility, 5G also benefits in terms of authenticity while roaming and will have the power to unload traffic in areas of data congestion such as live video. Gradually, as the standard of this technology matures, the probability of using it in low-power IoT is also boosted.

Probability of Wi-Fi 6 in Organizations

Today, Wi-Fi is omnipresent and is used for almost all devices in businesses; Wi-Fi 6 brings with it the assurance of improved speed, low deferred rate, high aggregate bandwidth, and advanced traffic supervision. Although having a resemblance to 5G, Wi-Fi 6 is less exposed to interference, has expanded spectral competence and needs less power with increased battery life.