Advanced Network Performance Monitoring System and its Advantages

Telecom Tech Outlook | Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Tech-driven end-to-end network performance tools overtake the traditional Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) systems. As business network management remains one of the most critical aspects, enterprises are now looking for smart, realistic and reliable network management solutions. End-to-end network performance monitoring analyzes the network routines, gains an insight into the operational view and performance standards of the network and reports the quality and fidelity of the performance of the network. Ensuring high-quality performance, data security, and accuracy, advantageous of end-to-end network performance monitoring solution are as follows.

• Improving user experience

End-to-end network performance computations serve as responsive ways to promote the end-user experience. As the network data is tracked by monitoring system at every instance between the source and the end user device, which is the destination, end-to-end network monitor notifies the professionals about the data transmission speed and quality of receiver’s or the end user’s data.

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• Creating a basis for accurate functioning

By founding standard parameters for understanding and analyzing network performance, the end-to-end solution gains the capability of predicting the uptime and downtime of the business network. The complete network management system provides governing strategies and transmission path potential, which help enterprises achieve accurate network functioning.    

• Enhancing routing capabilities

End-to-end network performance monitoring systems analyze the physical design and the architecture of the network in terms of its nodes, devices, connecting paths, and the routes. With this feature, the data packets can now be transmitted using smart routing protocols, which are capable of regenerating routes in case of a device or link failure, and detecting the rudimentary and damaged nodes.

The latest network performance monitoring solution supports transparent network data management right from its origin to the end. This advanced end-to-end network performance tool helps the enterprises avail complete network performance monitoring features.    

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