AeroNet Introduces New Smart Wi-Fi Solution

By Telecom Tech Outlook | Friday, October 23, 2020

The new solution AeroMesh Wi-Fi powered by Plume provides customers full-strength, with uninterrupted connectivity

FREMONT, CA: AeroNet Wireless, Puerto Rico's renowned business internet service provider, introduced a new Smart Wi-Fi solution powered by Plume's cloud-based artificial intelligence technology. AeroMesh Wi-Fi powered by Plume will significantly improve subscribers' online experience through self-optimizing the Plume Adaptive Wi-Fi, parental controls and guest access, and advanced AI Security that provides robust protection for devices.

"Plume is an advanced solution that continuously learns about your Internet needs and performs advanced self-optimizations. This cloud-coordinated system gives customers stable and consistent Wi-Fi coverage and speed in any room/area of their business or home," explains Gino Villarini, Founder and President of AeroNet. "We are excited to be the first ISP company in Puerto Rico to bring this cutting-edge technology to the customers."

AeroNet's new Managed Wi-Fi solution includes:

• Plume Adaptive Wi-Fi: Intelligently monitors, adapts, and optimizes business and home networks for providing the highest Internet performance level throughout the premises.

• AI Security: Identifies and protects, with motion detection, ad, and malware blocking. For extra protection, the system stops suspicious activities and quarantines any compromised devices.

• HomePass: For implementing parental controls and guest access. Manages the type of content each device or profile has access to, blocks specific content by device or profile.

• The Plume App: Provides a simple setup. Delivers regular reports on business or home Wi-Fi signal strength, network activity, and data consumption.

• AeroMesh Wi-Fi Powered by Plume: Comprises one SuperPod, with additional pods available as necessary depending on the type of business or home size.

"AeroNet is delivering a first of its kind, highly personalized Wi-Fi experience for its customers, and Plume is excited to be part of delivering that service. While we work, learn, and play from home, our Wi-Fi connectivity needs to be more intelligent and reliable," said Tyson Marian, Chief Commercial Officer at Plume. " AeroNet introduces a powerful solution for the ever-changing smart business or home."