Blockchain: The Future Driving Force for Mobile Operators

Telecom Tech Outlook | Friday, December 14, 2018

The mobile landscape is changing drastically. Operators must prepare to meet the demands of customers who expect a real-time, superfast, and frictionless experience. Therefore, small operators are inclined towards blockchain to deliver customer expectations and digitize their business processes. Blockchain was initially designed to support cryptocurrency, but it has morphed into a technology that empowers digital businesses. Telecommunication giants are exploring ways to apply blockchain to their own specific needs. During the last couple of years, these giants have invested heavily in blockchain-related projects, frameworks, and prototypes.

Clear and Tamper Proof

As a decentralized and distributed ledger technology, blockchain uses complex algorithms with robust encryption to record and store information and transactions. This platform is secure, permanent, and verifiable. Certification and time stamping of data of each transaction and saving it on the block enable information to be stored in a manner that is both transparent, clear, and tamper-proof.

It is ideal for sharing information because blockchains’ information sharing and time to market capabilities enable companies to launch products faster and remain competitive in the market. The digitization on the blockchain platform reduces information handoffs improving product development cycle. Smart contracts will manage data storage on the blockchain while distributes apps will run the business processes automatically thereby improving overall efficiency.

Blockchain Speeds Up Product Development

Blockchain affects multiple industries. A non-profit research organization, Digital Supply Chain Institute (DSCI) determined how blockchain could improve product development and boost DevOps functionalities. Secure DevOps implementation where developers work with organizations’ operations and quality assurance teams for continual software delivery pipeline can bring forth a few challenges. As an example, managing workflows across huge and geographically spread teams requires flawless collaboration where automated processes and humans work together in sync. To tackle this problem, the DSCI research team designed and developed a single blockchain-based system to enable trusted product development increasing developer efficiency and transparency. 

Blockchain technology offers efficiency that mobile market currently needs especially with regards to product development.  Blockchain becomes crucial for mobile operators to meet increasing customer demands and adapt to the ever-increasing and competitive environment.

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