BT Armors up with an Additional Layer of Threat Detection

By Telecom Tech Outlook | Monday, March 16, 2020

BT Security adds another layer of threat detection in its Security Advisory Services practice 

Fremont, CA: BT Security is adding another layer of threat detection via its Security Advisory Services practice. The BT Security Advisory Services offers security guidance and solutions to organizations of all sizes, in the face of evolving cybersecurity threats. 

The director of BT Security, Tris Morgan, led the addition of the new security practices. This unique program is staffed by 300 security specialists across the globe. The newly hired security employees will have the support of the capabilities of the wider BT Security team. The BT Security team shields the company against 125,000 cyberattacks per month while providing security solutions to consumers, governments, and businesses. The new security program will assist organizations across most of the security postures to assess and test their security defenses. The services offered will be grouped into four categories: Cyberthreat, zero trusts, governance, risk and compliance, and cloud security. 

Top 10 Telecom Companies in Europe - 2019Every single one of these areas will provide a range of solutions to support organizations in combating the biggest security issues and help them plan for future challenges and emerging technologies. These services will be available to companies range from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinational corporations and public sector organizations. 

The Advisory Services practice solutions target a vast number of industry and geographic challenges, such as enterprises looking to expand into the high-growth markets securely, or those who want to adopt increased automation and IoT usage value safely. 

BT Security’s “ethical” hacking team is also transferring into a new practice, offering penetration and testing services to users who are interested in testing their security defenses. 

“The creation of the Advisory Services practice is the next step in BT Security’s strategy,” said Kevin Brown, managing director of BT Security, in a statement. “It recognizes that the optimal way to safeguard any organization is through a continual and strategic evolution of their security posture. Tris brings a wealth of experience of providing advanced cyber solutions and guidance to both the public and private sector, making him ideally placed to provide the strategic direction that organizations are looking for.”

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