BullsEye Telecom's Hosted VoIP Key System Helps Businesses Modernize Their Voice

Telecom Tech Outlook | Monday, April 15, 2019

Managing telecom across all the locations can be a real headache. To ease this process BullsEye Telecom has launched its VoIP-based key system solutions to help business ready to transform from POTS to VoIP by retaining the familiarity of a “key type” system for users.

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This VoIP-based key system replaces the existing key system and helps business modernize their voice while maintaining user familiarity. It offers the latest technology and rich features for enterprise communication. The VoIP-based key system enables users to park calls with the press of a single button and know which lines are parked and which are presently free. Regardless of physical location, it also allows parked calls to be seamlessly picked up from other phones. Businesses including restaurants and retail that rely on multiple phones situated throughout a facility will be particularly benefited from this system.

BullsEye’s Hosted VoIP-based key system Features include:

• Single button to park a call to an orbit, and all parking orbits connected between phones
• Status (parked or free) indicated via LED
• Ability to pick up parked calls from any phone
• Two-page groups per location that can be joined or exited from dedicated soft keys on each phone
• Custom labels available for parking orbits

To gear toward delivering increased efficiency, reliability, scalability and reduced costs the  BullsEye’s hosted key system has Wi-Fi enablement with it. BullsEye clients are entrusted with the benefits of having engineers who are proficient in the latest technologies and integrate directly with them to design a truly optimized communications environment. The company will be featuring this technology at the 2019 Channel Partners Conference & Expo (April 9-12, 2019) in Las Vegas.

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BullsEye Telecom delivers secured communications, robust networks and advanced technologies to thousands of business. Industry experts have customized solutions that give our clients the peace of mind to focus on their core business.