Celeno's Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging Technology to be showcased at BT's Innovation Hub

Telecom Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 13, 2019

British Telecom (BT) will be demonstrating Celeno's Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging technology. This new tool can accurately detect objects and depict complex situations.

FREMONT, CA: Celeno, a managed WiFi solutions provider, announced that its Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging technology will be showcased by British Telecom on its demo day. The Wi-Fi doppler imaging technology offers smart home services, which includes home security, assisted living, and entertainment analytics.

The WiFi Doppler Imaging technology is currently the only tool of its kind. It is designed with a high-resolution imaging technology to capture all data accurately from several events to depict movement of objects, pets, and people as well.

The technology can identify the doppler and micro-doppler signature that is generated by the moving entities in high resolution. With the help of advanced signal processing and machine learning algorithms, it can locate, track, count, and analyze the behavior and events accurately, and simultaneously also increase the complete contextual interpretation of the event. WiFi Doppler Imaging technology can classify movements noticed as body postures, gestures, and motions.

Celeno's WiFi Doppler Imaging tool comes with an object tracking feature, which can recognize a moving object or multiple objects and follow it to track the location. This tool can go as far as to detect a person's breathing. Its machine learning classifier can identify the object and can differentiate pets and people from general articles.

This new technology by Celeno is a revolutionizing step for object detection and event recognition. The WiFi silicon chip can provide seamless WiFi 6 connectivity and a complete duplex doppler imaging operation. Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging allows solution providers to deliver "see-through-walls" event recognition without any additional dedicated infrastructure or intrusive cameras.