Cisco Pools in $225M for Global COVID-19 Relief Efforts

By Telecom Tech Outlook | Monday, June 08, 2020

Cisco commits to donating $225M for global Covid-19 response efforts

FREMONT, CA: Cisco has stepped up amongst the chaos caused by the outbreak and has weighed in with a huge wallet to fund the resources to combat the coronavirus across the globe. Recently, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins stated the company’s commitment of $8 million in cash and $210 million in products as a part of its global coronavirus aid. 

“In addition, we are rallying our 77,000 employees and encouraging them to give what they can to help our community partners on the front lines bolster their operations in this time of need,” Robbins said in a blog.

Robbins quoted that Cisco was focusing its resources on supporting healthcare and education, government response, and critical technology. The company will directly play its part of its COVID-19 effort to the United Nation’s Foundation’s COVID - 19 Solidarity Response Fund to support the World Health Organization’s (WHO) strategies to prevent, detect, and curb the spread of COVID-19

The tech giant is also providing funding for State heads, Government agencies, and businesses through its Country Digital Acceleration Program. As more employees opt to work from home, Cisco is offering its video conferencing Webex service and security options for free. 

“To date, we are helping to secure over 2.2 million people online, and Webex has facilitated virtual response meetings for the French, Canadian, German, Colombian, and other governments around the world,” Robbins said.

Robbins also quotes that Cisco has already furnished several funds to provide support to a range of non-governmental organizations across the regions of Asia-Pacific/Japan/China and Europe/Middle East/Africa/Russia, the Americas, and the San Francisco area. The company is launching a 72-hour employee-driven campaign, named “Lets give to together” to encourage employee donations. To assist these donations, Cisco foundation had previously launched a campaign of up to $4 million in total contributions and is allocating an additional $1 million grants to aid Cisco’s non-profit partners. 

In situations closer to home, Cisco and several other Silicon Valley companies will draw up a multi-million dollar financial assistance program for people at risk of the virus. “Together, as we chart our path forward, I am certain that our people will continue to do what’s right for the world,” Robbins said. “Over the past few weeks, I have been incredibly inspired by the way I’ve seen people come together, inside and outside of Cisco, and this gives me tremendous hope. We will continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on our employees, customers, partners, and communities, and evaluate other ways we can help as things evolve. While our world will be different as we move into the future, we must stay focused on making a positive impact in every way possible.”

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