Connected2Fiber Deploys the Connected World Platform to Help Vyve Broadband in Markets Often Overlooked

Telecom Tech Outlook | Thursday, December 03, 2020

The Connected World platform details and displays deep, trusted location-based insight and empowers users to leverage that insight to automate go-to-market processes around deal identification, account prioritization, and product pricing.

Fremont, CA: Connected2Fiber, the location engagement platform for network buyers and sellers, announced that Vyve Broadband, a communications services provider primarily serving rural and underserved communities, has deployed Connected2Fiber's The Connected World platform to automate the identification of Vyve's total addressable market of serviceable buildings across the company's unique rural footprint and communication of that coverage to its network partners. Specifically, Vyve will use The Connected World's near-net analysis and market participation capabilities to develop insight into previously unknown buildings and customer opportunities that are serviceable by the company, identify new network leasing partnerships, and automate communication of their serviceable locations to their industry partners.

"Connected2Fiber allows for easy identification of all the locations and enterprises Vyve currently services as well as those we could potentially service," said Diane Quennoz, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Vyve. "Our passion at Vyve is bringing the fastest speeds and best service to rural communities across the country. Ultimately, the information gained from Connected2Fiber's platform and its application set will help further automate this process and assist in the development of our network routes."

The automated capture of near-net buildings results in more potential revenue – as those locations can be leveraged by sales to communicate network coverage to leasing partners as well as to sell into those buildings directly. Once The Connected World platform identifies all near-net buildings for a network provider, those locations are stored along with on-net buildings in a personalized instance within the platform to be leveraged for wholesale and direct selling opportunities.

"Vyve came to us with the stated goal of better serving their communities with vital broadband and other communications services," added Robert Kenney, Chief Revenue Officer at Connected2Fiber. "And the communities they serve are some of the most in need in the US. You combine this fact with the realities of a global pandemic and the critical importance of having high-speed connectivity during this time, and their mission takes on that much more importance. The unique set of location-based intelligence and automation services built into The Connected World platform will allow Vyve to focus on providing critical connectivity services to those who need it right now."

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