Delivering Transparent Pricing for Telecom Services

By Telecom Tech Outlook | Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The telecommunication company Tesix Wireless announced its launch in summer 2018; since then, the company has managed to garner interest from private investors and customers. The company received acquisition offers and investments which propelled the company’s value to $5.9 million. The service was launched in December 2018 and has attracted millennial customers nationwide. The mobile service offered by the company is transparent and straightforward. Tesix was started by a Montgomery resident Chaymeriyia Moncrieff who wanted to expand her reach in the technology world due to her own bad experience with a cell phone company.

The inconsistency in billing made Chaymeriyia start her own company. The name Tesix comes from combining two aspects Technology and sixteen (because the entrepreneur began her journey in business at the age of sixteen). Chaymeriyia had to learn and work for a year to start the MVNO telecommunication company. Bill for the usage is according to the plan opted by the user; if the user selects $25 plan, they only pay $25, and if the user picks $45 plan, that is what they will be charged every month with no hidden fees. Transparency was an issue with other service providers, and Chaymeriyia came up with a transparent and straight forward solution. The company had over 3500 users in waitlist before the launch which made them move the launch date to December 28 from the initial Jan 16 launch date. The young entrepreneur is fully aware of the competition in the telecom sector and yet, doesn’t hesitate to move ahead as she feels that competing with other companies will not create a setback.

The company has a slight advantage over other networks due to the competitive pricing, fee-less monthly bills, communicating with customers in peer to peer level, and wireless flexibility. Currently, the company doesn’t want to start their storefront worldwide like many carriers; instead, they want to maintain low pricing and affordability by eliminating excessive overheads. The company intends to have its own network in the coming years and mark itself as a carrier.