Digital Transformation in Eastern Indonesia to Elevate MSME's Competence

Telecom Tech Outlook | Monday, October 25, 2021

Ministry of Communications and Information hosted workshops, inviting industry experts to educate locals about the implementation of digital services.

FREMONT, CA: The ministry of communication and informatics of Indonesia recently launched a digital literacy program to execute digital transformation policies and technologies in Sorong, West Papua, Indonesia. The program is hosted in collaboration with the national digital literacy movement (GLND) Siberkreasi and is targeted at micro and small-medium enterprises (MSME) in the region.

Sorong, located in eastern Indonesia, is world known for its rich natural resources such as agriculture, fishery, forestry, livestock, mining, and untapped potential of the tourism industry. The majority of MSMEs in the region are from the retail and Trade sector, followed by food and beverages. Digital literacy in the region is very poor, with 70% of the companies claiming that they have never used the internet for their businesses.

To improve digital literacy in Sorong, Digital Literacy Week started with a two-day and off-screen workshop and training session. The local audience was very enthusiastic about the workshops, with over 600 participants joining the sessions. The program mainly consisted of two sessions. One was the Digital Literacy Talk, which introduced digital literacy skills in MSMEs, such as social media usage and cyber security policies. Several experts from the ministry of communication and informatics were part of the presentation. Considering that 91% of people in the area are active internet users, the digital transformation policy appears to have a promising implementation. 30% of the MSMEs is in eastern Indonesia have no knowledge about social media, and more than 40% of such companies are not sure how social media might help their businesses.

In the second session of the program, Knowledge-sharing: How to create inspiring content, I was focused on building awareness about producing high-quality and attractive content and responsible use of digital technologies. This session was conducted by the Ministry of Digital Literacy program. Considering that proper implementation of digital technologies can have immense benefits, empowering MSMEs to embrace the knowledge of standard digital tools could help them elevate their businesses and provide more value to their customers.