Evolving Cybersecurity for a Secure Future

By Telecom Tech Outlook | Friday, March 15, 2019

Trend Micro was co-founded by Jenny Chang, Steve Chang, and Eva Chen to develop antivirus software—but this development did not cease there. The company has become a market leader in providing hybrid cloud security, network protection, small business security, and endpoint security in the last 30 years. By leveraging these solutions, organizations protect their end-users, developed data centers, cloud resources, and threatened information by targeted attacks.

Trend Micro, a world leader for the exchange of digital information, provides data centers, cloud workloads, networks, and endpoints with a high level of security for consumers, businesses, and governments. All the products of the company work together to share threat intelligence seamlessly and provide linked threat protection with centralized visibility and research that enables better more rapid protection. With a workforce of more than 6000 in 50 countries, Trend Micro enables businesses to secure the connected world with the most advanced global threat research and intelligence.

Trend Micro recently announced the launch of its Virtual Networks Function Suite (VNFS), telecom IoT security solution. This appointment ensures that the Trend Micro solution is compatible with the modern networks built to support 5G and IoT. VMware certification provides secure network security services from Trend Micro for communication providers that prefer, or have already adopted VMware vCloud NFV. An evaluation environment with VMware vCloud NFV will be much easier for those who are interested in the Trend Micro solution but have not yet virtualized their networks.

Telecom providers should offer highly reliable networks that support the extra charge from an increasing amount of smart devices for companies and consumers, as well as safeguarding their businesses and home users. It is also ideal for this environment as Trend Micro has blocked over 20.4 billion threats in the first half of 2018.

A complete range of network functions on the carrier network are available on the Trend Micro VNFS, which offers URL filters, application management, intrusion prevention, and IoT reputation services. It uses the Smart Protection Network, the leading global threat intelligence platform in Trend Micro, to block 65 trillion customer threats per year. The Trend Micro solution supports NFV networks of the next generation through the dynamic allocation and configuration of security resources for a variety of services in order to meet various traffic demands. It uses the high-speed packet processing data plane development kit to ensure excellent performance.