FWA Connection Demand Explodes during the Pandemic

Telecom Tech Outlook | Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Fixed Wireless Access demand rises due to Pandemic, mainly because wireless technology gains more popularity due to 5G investments.

Fremont, CA: The latest Mobile Experts’ report shows in detail the flourishing Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) market. COVID-19 has brought about several lifestyle changes, including the stay-at-home advice, remote working opportunities, and other features that have highlighted the critical demand in servicing homes and businesses unconnected, where broadband wireline may economically prohibitive. Top 10 Telecom Operations Management Solution Companies - 2020

"The number of FWA connections is forecasted to grow over 20 percent this year. FWA will include LTE and 5G networks running on licensed bands and proprietary systems, often leveraging unlicensed bands. We foresee the number of FWA connections growing almost threefold through 2025—reaching over 170 million worldwide," commented Principal Analyst Kyung Mun.

According to the report, healthy growth experienced a near-term surge in 2020 due to COVID-19 has translated into a 6 percent CAGR growth in annual CPE unit shipments from 25 million units in 2019 to more than 34 million in 2025.

"LTE and 5G CPE shipments will grow rapidly over the next five years as an increasing number of mobile operators direct their LTE and 5G network capacity towards FWA services," commented Principal Analyst Kyung Mun. "Governments are fueling this FWA growth by providing direct funding through broadband subsidy programs like the $20 billion RDOF in the U.S. As more spectrum comes available, possibly as much as 20x more across licensed and unlicensed bands, the FWA market is poised for significant growth in the years to come."

Mobile Experts also added some new forecast breakdowns to 2020's Fixed Wireless Access report, including features such as FWA connections and market shares of technology. The FWA connections by proprietary and 3GPP (LTE and 5G) fixed wireless display that both markets will flourish, but the growth rate in the 3GPP segment will be higher as larger mobile operators will mostly focus on FWA as it presents an incremental market opportunity for their 5G investments.

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