How are Telcos Improving Analytics?

By Telecom Tech Outlook | Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Telecom companies are among the first to utilize new and emerging technologies that can hold real-time and historical analytics together.

FREMONT, CA: A massive amount of data is created by people daily, which has been experienced by telecommunications companies mainly. In order words, it can be explained that the telecom enterprises are facing an outright data attack with IoT, smart devices, and other innovations at their service.

Several telecom providers are currently experimenting with analytics to alter the data challenge situation into an opportunity to optimize their business. The telcos are aiming at marketing and including new services to minimize the subscriber churn as well as reducing costs via optimal routing. They are making sure that the subscriber’s invoice shows the exact usage and executes the margin analysis along with it.

Telecom providers are working on analytics with different technologies and platforms, which is not a sustainable approach in the long term. Telecom companies need to achieve two opposing goals, one being evaluating massive amounts of real-time data and the other being reducing the number of individual analytics platforms holding the costs.

It is prominent that the telecom companies are a medium and a connecting point for most of the data people use in a day. Analytics is necessary to put these data into action, which goes ahead of the daily report prepared by a business leader. The providers need to evaluate the deep historical as well as real-time data instantly whenever it is required. 

Telecom providers can provide their subscribers with a seamless experience that includes analytics to optimize routing derived from the geographic location. They can also pass significant data between content and ad providers and application of a consumer. To troubleshoot the issues, they can provide support and real-time visibility into the devices by the employees and make necessary upgrades and plans. By utilizing the capability to see and trace data in real-time, companies can decrease congestion and optimize the network infrastructure

Telcos carry a host of technologies that help them in tackling the analytics disputes. Some technologies provide immediate analytics for real-time data, support massive historical data sets, and maintain the rapid data growth cost-effectively.

Not a single traditional solution can meet the demanding analytics requirements of the growing companies, and therefore the new-age organizations are implementing the latest technologies in their businesses. It is a fact that the telecom providers will continually face escalating costs involving hardware, power, space, and cooling.