How Automation can Help to Improve Network Security

Telecom Tech Outlook | Friday, April 12, 2019

Automation The dependency on cloud services has enhanced the significance of network security. Any threats to network security can hamper the day-to-day operations of an organization. The existing security response of an organization is mostly a manual process, which is not time as well as a cost-effective measure. The network security teams of enterprises rely on several tools to contain, divert, and investigate an attack.

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Automation can be the answer to the network security woes for an organization, as it can increase the efficiency of network security with cost-effective measures. Let’s delve deeper to discuss the advantages of network security for organizations:

Reduces downtime:

 Automation can connect all the security tools on a single platform, which can help to streamline the entire process of network security. For instance, if a vulnerability detector generates a vulnerability report, the policy engine can insert a firewall rule or isolate the infected device. This will help the security agent tool to investigate the cause of vulnerability and remediate the infected device. The automated approach for network security can also provide all-around security with reduced response time, minimizing the damage of an attack.

Cost-effective measures:

The traditional tools of network security bear no significance for organizations with cloud migration. Automation can help to consolidate the tools that have similar functions, enabling businesses to save money. Many network security providers have also started to integrate various security services on a single platform. For example, efficient network security tool today offers a firewall, an intrusion prevention system, a proxy, server, and anti-malware and virus detection software as core functions that were used as separate tools earlier. Integrating all these tools can help companies to eliminate maintenance and licensing investment on separate tools.

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Eliminate human errors:

Automation can help companies to eliminate the risk of human errors in the security responses, increasing the accuracy of network security. Automating the security responses will also allow companies to use their resources in other business functions.