How to Enhance CX with Big Data Analytics

Telecom Tech Outlook | Thursday, September 19, 2019

In the cutthroat competition between service providers, customers are also not putting their step down from altering networks, in case of any dissatisfaction in the services.

FREMONT, CA: The telecommunication industry has millions of users, and it handles an enormous amount of data every second of the day. The industry is leveraging data analytics, which has now become an integral part of the telecom sector, to handle such congestion. 

Many CSPs (Communications Service Providers) recognized that big data carries customer-centric objectives, which are much-needed in an organization. The arrival of digitization has made the customers well-aware about the services that are offered in the market. It ultimately forces the telecom operators to come up with advanced analytics and the latest technologies to satisfy the needs of the customers. By improving the customer experience, the operators can build a valuable understanding with the help of up-to-date or appropriate exchanges.

Customers generally expect a personalized experience from their telecom operators, which can be possible by collecting information through in-depth interactions with each customer. They also look forward to gaining maximum benefits by spending a minimum amount, along with incentive offerings.

Telecom companies can find it challenging to determine a strategy to utilize the advantages of big data appropriately. It can be a complex idea for them to accommodate the resources to evaluate big data as well as the costs attached to it. There might also be issues in the privacy related to the direct and indirect utilization of significant data resources. The successful implementation of big data analytics can bring a higher ROI and help organizations in several ways to elevate the customer experience in the telecom industry.

Big data analytics lends a hand in minimizing the churn rates and also allows the companies to understand the reason behind the withdrawal of a customer. It can help in retaining the customers as well as categorize the value proposition of every customer failure and build target strategies to cut the acquisition costs, develop telecom customer experience, and boost marketing effectiveness.

Big data analytics allow businesses to access data in real-time for better targets, and combines with digital technology and predictive intelligence to make one-to-one personalization approach available to marketers. They extract data from multiple sources to create a 360-degree view of the customers and utilize them to improve loyalty, promote target campaigns, and introduce new services.