How VAS Can Help in Tracking and Monitoring Activities

By Telecom Tech Outlook | Monday, September 23, 2019

In the modern world, telcos promote and market VAS as premium features or the add-ons as their foundational functions.

FREMONT, CA: Mobile network operators (MNOs) and the internet are trusted gatekeepers to the connected world. They carry different opportunities to strengthen the trust of their customers by providing a securely connected experience both for adults and kids. Value-added services (VAS) like parental controls offer a revenue-boosting chance along with enhancing the competitive benefits and subscriber maintenance.

The network operators significantly serve numerous benefits over traditional OTT solutions. Perhaps one of the most crucial solutions is remote site monitoring, which offers integrated tracking methods to monitor the status of any equipment placed at a distant location. A network means a collection of tools functioning in a combination to give revenue-generating services.

For instance, the railway companies have a vast amount of stocks, assets, and infrastructure equipment networks that work together to provide transport services. For railway organizations, protecting the equipment is crucial to securely deliver goods as well as passengers to their destinations on time.

Cellular and telephone companies have manifolds of central office abilities, wide-ranging call management, and routing equipment. In case the company fails to keep its network online by introducing an effective remote site monitoring system, it will be in a difficult spot in the marketplace. So, a compilation of equipment is used to provide services and is commonly known as remote sites. It is significant for any company to keep monitoring the material as well as the remote locations that offer services to them. The remote site monitoring systems are diverse when it comes to technical specifics, but it shares a mutual ground topology.

Some companies believe in empowering the parents to stay informed regarding the child’s actions online and encouraging them to build productive dialogues around online security practices. Companies work with parents to identify their concerns in keeping their children safe and come up with app-driven services like a parental-controls solution, built with the relevant concerns in mind. They aim to provide parents with a smart family assistant that can help in keeping the kids safe through content filters, screening time, and child location.