How VoIP can Empower a Company's Sales Team

Telecom Tech Outlook | Tuesday, November 09, 2021

A modern VoIP business phone system not only helps businesses save money, but also helps them increase sales and customer volume.

Fremont, CA: VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is an upgraded technology with a rapidly increasing stock that can be used to increase business output. It comes as no surprise given that – Business Is All About Sales, and Sales Is All About Communication – With the ability to streamline and unify customer communications, cutting-edge VoIP phone services can provide a company's sales reps with the resources they need to beat the competition.

A modern VoIP business phone system not only helps businesses save money, but also helps them increase sales and customer volume. Here are some ways VoIP can outperform its analog counterparts and expand a company's business prospects and sales.

Unlock New Sales Possibilities

As the growth of internet-based shopping and consulting continues to outpace that of brick-and-mortar sales, technology that facilitates it becomes equally important.

According to studies, 88 percent of website visitors are more likely to contact a business if it provides a "click-to-call" widget. And more phone calls equals more opportunities.

VoIP is the required technology for the widget to play a role. To enable free visitor calling from a website, a key VoIP phone system could provide advanced API or WebRTC Click-to-call functionality. All a company needs to do is create a simple integration, and its sales reps will have a better chance of upselling customers over the phone. A company's sales and revenue will skyrocket as more visitors convert into potential leads.

Increase Sales with Existing Customers

The most successful companies recognize that their sales and customer insight are inextricably linked; that is, the success of one is dependent on the success of the other. As a result, anything a company can do to integrate their sales and customer data will almost certainly result in increased revenue and overall effectiveness. That is why so many companies are looking for a CRM-compatible VoIP phone system.

VoIP integrates customer conversation records, purchase history, and all other key statistics from CRM, allowing call pop-up to display the data in real-time. That means a company's sales reps will have firsthand customer insight when speaking with a customer and will be able to use that information to determine what interests a customer the most. This increases the opportunity to cross-sell different products or services while also improving customer relationships to increase sales.

Furthermore, a top-tier VoIP phone system could automate call logging or call recording, providing useful tools for sales reps to keep track of every conversation.