Integrating Value-Added Services in Customer Experience and Service

Telecom Tech Outlook | Friday, December 14, 2018

Integrating Value-Added Services in Customer Experience and ServiceCustomer service and experience are essential for successful business and authority personnel to strive constantly to improvise it. Basic customer needs such as maintenance and repair service are simple to understand. Whereas, the tough task is to understand their needs for value-added service and support. Clear and organized terms must be set for both customers and field technicians for a frictionless workflow.

From a customer’s perspective, value-added services could include anything of their wish and desire which certainly cannot be realistic from the company’s point of view. The gap needs to be bridged so that field technicians and customers both are clear what work is included and what not in the service and support.

Some value-added services to which both customer and technicians may agree are listed below.

• Providing assistance for other products that customer bought up under a service agreement with the company.
• Double-checking the integrity of connectivity and interfaces of the equipment which was repaired with other customer site networks and devices.
• Questing other faults with the equipment or the network which has been just repaired and alerting the customer about the same.
• Briefing customers with user instruction and operating methods to increase the efficiency of equipment in case mishandlings were the reason of fault.
• Introduction of different service models including various levels of service that a customer could avail and pay accordingly. This sometimes also depends on the size of purchase, sometimes when a customer makes big purchase companies can provide higher levels of service at cheaper rates.
• Localizing service personnel can be an effective move as it does not just ease the work of technicians but also timely services can be provided to the customers. Technicians designated to a certain region are able to respond quickly and reach timely to customer sites.
• Understanding the customer is the key to improvise customer experience. An organization must analyze the data obtained from customer feedbacks and jot down the major demands and flaws and start to work over them.

Customer service and experience need to be continuously monitored and tracked. Data analytics must be implemented for predicting the upcoming trends and ultimately combined efforts of each individual will result in the overall growth.

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