Intelligent Telecommunication Solutions for SMBs

By Telecom Tech Outlook | Thursday, March 14, 2019

The crucial aspect of work for each company is the modernization of its network and telecommunications so that their ROI is maximized and within budget. Recent progress in the areas of networking, mobility, and cloud space enables businesses to benefit from the increased efficiencies and continuous flow of information that remain competitive. But the growing array of technologies currently on the market can cause concern to choose the right path forward. A one-size-fits-all telecommunication solution is rarely ideal today. Instead, a customized solution designed carefully to address the unique needs of the company has a long-term effect on productivity. This is where Network Telecom enters.

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Network Telecom has been helping companies talk to their customers for more than 20 years. Network Telecom, which has been trading since 1993, has become one of the UK's largest telecommunications providers. The company offers a one-stop telecommunications service to small and medium-sized enterprises. The company has evolved and adjusted its service portfolio in line with technological developments in the last 20 years to ensure that customers benefit from the latest business communications. Network Telecom seeks to add value to its business by wrapping its voice solution with advanced applications and additional services that lead to an efficient business package.

A company can be assured that the addition of calls management reports will help manage both the staff and the business much more effectively by utilizing the intelligence integrated into its customer selected telephone solution. The Call Management module provides an overview of every internal and external call on telephone system and enables the identification of trends in call patterns and performance to ensure that the customer captures every connection of opportunity. It is complemented with a catalog of predefined reports with the tolerance of calls, distribution of hourly calls, extension activities, DDI analysis, and missed call information. The report of Unreturned Missed Calls, in particular, offers a smart analysis of missed calls to provide a concise list of callers that were not called back. This minimizes the cost and missed opportunities from call drops and provides both existing customers and new prospects with the highest levels of customer service.

Network Telecom is delighted to take part in the challenge following a recent launch of its industry-leading device, NT Multimedia, and to encourage young people's interest in the STEM subjects. Idsall School's team will be supervised by Sam Myatt, Becky Homersley, and Amelia Ebdon of Network Telecom as they compete with schools around the country to produce products that benefit a person or group and the world, or just the environment, using the science, technology, engineering, and math fields (STEM). The STEM challenge ends with an award day at the Marches Center of Manufacturing and Technology on the 4th of July. STEM transforms schools and education from a place to a state of mind.

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