IoT is Emerging in the Telecom Sector

Telecom Tech Outlook | Friday, September 25, 2020

The rapid proliferation of telecom services has necessitated the incorporation of modern technologies such as IoT by the telecom industry.

FREMONT, CA: The telecom industry has emerged as one of the most prominent investors in the internet of things (IoT) technology with the rapid rise of wireless cellular communication. Telecom industry is the fourth largest buyer of IoT technology, with the companies spending over $110 million per day. The companies expected to see their budget increase to $169 million by the year 2018.

The study revealed that 33.4 percent of the budget was allotted for monitoring of telecom products and services, 30 percent on customer monitoring, 18.4 percent on on-premise monitoring and tracking of customer experiences, and 18.1 percent on supply chain monitoring. By leveraging IoT, organizations can enhance these Functions while at the same time ensuring cost-effectiveness.

IoT can enable telecom companies to remotely monitor their cellular base stations and data centers across the world, including the auxiliary equipment needed to avert downtime. IoT sensors can be fitted to equipment such as backup generators, air conditioners, energy meters, and so on to enable health monitoring of individual towers. It can also be used to increase operation efficiency, make adjustments, and dispatch crews to the locations if needed.

The infrastructure used by the telecom companies is highly expensive and is often prone to the theft of core components. However, IoT can enable access management and intrusion detection. In remote locations subject to harsh environmental conditions, the incorporation of fire, water, and air sensors can aid the organization in taking effective measures against long-term exposure to the elements.

Innovation and development in the digital and physical infrastructure will enable the telecom companies to enhance their connectivity and services. It will also assist them in deploying low power wide area networks (LPWAN) from their current infrastructure.

Telecom companies can widen their client pool by incorporating IoT, leading to factory optimization, cold chain management, energy utility monitoring, and vehicle tracking dealerships. IoT offers an excellent opportunity for telecom companies to interact with their clients and cement their customer base by extending targeted solutions. It will not only enable them to decrease operational costs but also to efficiently monitor their assets. The telecom industry can leverage IoT to offer enhanced connectivity as well as intelligent, value-added services. Although it is taking the first steps in this direction, we are yet to see the full potential of IoT in the telecom sector.