Is the Telecom Industry Getting Affected by the Latest Trends?

By Telecom Tech Outlook | Monday, August 10, 2020

The present year has been famous for the telecom industry. Many compared the recent times with the developments, which are on-going in 5G, with the advent of exciting trends.

FREMONT, CA: The telecommunication sector keeps evolving on particular trends apart from 5G. Take a look at the two most-talked-about trends that have come to prominence lately:


Recently, blockchain technology has become one of the most enthusiastic and widely spread techniques. Not many industries have overlooked the impact of technology, and the telecom industry remains no exception.

Blockchain can improve the competence of telecom enterprises apart from enhancing revenue growth only. Telecom companies have begun to see technology as a way to successfully avoid fraud over the network. Nonetheless, blockchain technology has come in handy while giving life to other new sources of revenue by allowing eSIM, Identity-as-a-service.

The technology minimizes the losses that have come up to the surface through fraud and brings lower costs for fraud detection performance.

Improved Adoption of Cloud:

The existing telecommunication service has to perform in a highly complicated operational environment. It faces significant reliability on technologies for taking care of their networks as well as making sure of delivering the services.

The status of the cloud is growing amongst the telecommunication industry as an efficient technique to gain advantages from the tech to plan better networks, innovate further, and utilize IoT opportunities.

To make this possible, more and more investments in the cloud platform needs to flow, and in the coming years, the cloud will be leveraged by both small as well as large enterprises.

Looking at the facts, it seems the telecom industry is still far from finding a solution for efficiently avoiding fraud; blockchain can act like a contender for reducing the losses associated with fraud, particularly in roaming and identity management.

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