It Is Inevitable That AI Revolution Will Take Our Time

Telecom Tech Outlook | Wednesday, September 09, 2020

AI FREMONT, CA: This year, with the participation of its founders and supporters, the Third Turkish Artificial Intelligence initiative (TRAI) was held. The event raised questions such as, Where is the AI private sector in Turkey? And at which stage? With their conversation on common platforms, representatives of the private sector and academics drew Turkish artificial intelligence picture. In Turkey, significant advances have been made with regard to AI in the last two or three years. Turkey is in a revolutionary AI. However, in the near future, it is inevitable that this revolution will take our time.

Organizations such as banks which possess high skills, retailers and telecommunications operators develop analytical teams within their bodies and simultaneously work on many AI projects. Smaller or less developed institutions are being provided with services from enterprises or technology companies in terms of opportunities. It isn't as easy as predicted to project in the AI field. First, the exact problem needs to be identified, and then the data compiled. AI grows like a child or a trainee through learning. Firms and their staff will work to create solutions to deal with routine tasks.

Routine paperwork has begun to be entrusted to robots by banks, insurance companies, and telecommunicators. Robots which are far more reliable, faster, and error-free than humans are also much more economical when it comes to working. In that case, there is a risk of unemployment amongst many white-collar workers. The designers of these robots have become those who understood and evolved early enough.

AI is a worldwide phenomenon of great significance. In this area, the United States, Europe, China, Japan, and many other strong economies have done enormous work. For all sectors, from technological giants to new initiatives, there are AI projects. Turkish engineers compete globally, and in these countries can find jobs comfortably. Sadly, businesses in Turkey are missing valuable talent in the global competition in their hands.