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Telecom Tech Outlook | Thursday, February 07, 2019

EV is becoming an important weapon to fight against the monstrous rise of CO2 emission. The UK government has launched 'Road to Zero' to fight against the increasing level of CO2 in the air. It has decided to ensure low emission rate by 2030. Its target is to build emission-free transport system by 2040. Statista found a gradual growth in the sale of PEV in the U.S. from 2012 to 2018. It has mentioned that almost 400,000 units were sold in 2018. According to a report by IHS Automotive, nine out of ten cars will be connected to clouds by 2022.

Cubic Telecom plays a vital role in connecting cars. Cubic Telecom is a member of GSMA, and it provides connectivity and solutions for IoT and M2M companies. Earlier at Mobile Congress Cubic Telecom announced that it had offered almost 1 million connected cars. It has recently partnered with eGo Mobile AG. Today, Cubic Telecom is connected to nearly two million vehicles by its Pace connectivity technology. Under this contract, eGo will be receiving connectivity solutions from Cubic Telecom. Cubic Telecom has won "Connected Car Platform of the Year" title from IoT Breakthrough. Audi is working with Cubic Telecom to provide more connected cars.

eGo is a manufacturer of EV. It creates low-cost, budget effective EVs. In 2019, eGo is supposed to launch a new model, eGo Life. This contract ensures that eGo life will be using Pace platform for enjoying better connectivity. This Pace platform uses real-time monitoring and remote management functions. This platform enables cars to enjoy a safe and comfortable journey. It provides maximum driving experience, and its agility is almost like a sports car.

EVs are going to be important in the future. Every country wants to make proper use of EVs to ensure a healthy future. EV Volumes’ analysis confirms a 42 percent market growth of EV in Europe. In Asia, China buys 90 percent of the e-bikes. It is expected that China will create proper charging infrastructure by 2021 for EVs. Thus, the market is very serious about EV, and this contract between eGo and Cubic Telecom will be significant in the use of connected EVs.