Leading the Wireless Retail Industry

Telecom Tech Outlook | Tuesday, January 15, 2019

David Sperling, CTO

Several brands today bombard customers with ads and promotions and stick toward the line showing their unique offers. In the retail industry, technology has paved the way to make this simpler. Many innovative concepts, including wireless carriers, have begun to rule the retail industry within a short period. Other than wireless carriers, there are concepts of wireless retail cards accessible by the customers in recent years. In the future, the customers will find it very easy to do their shopping.

Recently, Smith Micro Software announced its acquisition of ISM Connect’s Smart Retail product suite. After this announcement, customers can believe in the innovative concepts of using a smart retail product suite in the retail industry. Just by combining the use of ISM Connect and the product suite, customers can be efficient in handling product promotion. ISM Connect provides means to connect and share content through the digital screen and intelligent monitoring. The main aim of ISM Connect is to create valuable insights just by sharing and monitoring the data over the back end infrastructure. As technology has advanced, ISM has also undergone a revolution. It enables the venues to access detailed information with the help of hardware and robust capabilities.

Smith Micro’s solution is a type of software that provides the customers with mobile accessible information through wireless carriers. Through the Smith Micro software and ISM Connect, the customers can get promotional ads through wireless carriers. The customers can think, decide, and analyze factors by just being at a place.

Smith Micro has been working on embedded system related factors for almost 35 years. Its software manages highly scalable mobile applications, policy-based management platforms, and hosted services. Microsoft has extended its applications in the wireless portfolio, namely Safepath and CommSuite. Also, the software indulges in creating software for graphics animation. Also, it has won the award its unique graphics. Many popular mobile network companies have been leveraging the software to deploy unique solutions.