Lingo Brings CloudUC Services for Itasca Integrated School District

Telecom Tech Outlook | Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Fremont, CA: With the constant technology evolution in communications, businesses are striving to keep up with the ever-changing environment. Many companies have turned to IP-based cloud, Cloud/ Unified Communications (UC) solutions.

Lingo Communications ("Lingo"), a leading global Cloud/Unified Communications (UC), and managed service provider, has completed the implementation of its Cloud/UC system for the Itasca Integrated School District (ISD) in Texas.

Itasca ISD is a Public Independent School District (K-12) in Itasca, Texas, with over 100 employees and 600 students. Lingo finished implementing its Cloud/UC platform for the entire district in Q2 '21, and they have had great success with this technology upgrade.

Itasca ISD was looking to address the following long-standing issues that they had been experiencing with their previous service provider:

•   Eliminate their outdated phone system and replace their POTs lines with a modern, efficient solution.

•  Increase their eight incoming phone lines to serve their district better.

•  Reduce their high monthly long-distance bills that fluctuated greatly month-to-month.

•  Improve the service and support from their ILEC service provider.

They were introduced to Lingo by a local Lingo Partner/Agent, who recommended Lingo's Cloud/UC platform. They were capable of achieving the following improvements as a result of the successful implementation of the new communications platform:

•  Implemented a Cloud-based solution that increased flexibility, scalability, and business continuity.

•  Installed an IP phone in every classroom – more than 115 IP-phones in total!

•  Added a paging system within the Cloud/UC platform!

•  Added e-fax capabilities; very convenient!

•  Eliminated high monthly long-distance bills and replaced them with a low, consistent monthly cost.

•  Service & support from Lingo is amazing compared to their previous service provider.

"We are extremely excited about the new Cloud/UC platform that Lingo installed," stated Richard Wilson, Director of Technology with Itasca ISD. "The technology is easy to use, works extremely well and is very cost-effective. The ability to have a phone in every classroom, along with a paging system and e-fax, has been amazing! I highly recommend Lingo's Cloud/UC platform and support team for any school district or company who needs multiple voice/data services in multiple locations."

"Since we completed the implementation of Lingo's Cloud/UC platform, the Itasca ISD has been able to optimize their operational performance and enhance their user functionality," remarked Vincent M. Oddo, CEO of Lingo.

Lingo has been selected as one of the 10 Best VoIP Solution Provider Companies – 2021 by the Telecom Tech Outlook Magazine.

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