Major Telecommunication Problems for Businesses

Telecom Tech Outlook | Monday, January 04, 2021

For organisations that rely on telecommunications, broadband and internet networks on a regular basis, coverage outages are a major pain point.

FREMONT, CA: When it comes to telecommunications, businesses have more choice than ever- smartphones,landlines,email, chat groups, online forums, wireless connections, Bluetooth connections, cable-cord lines, in-the-cloud- and they are all synced by internet of things (IoT). However, with more choices comes more problem.

High Telecom Costs

Both wireless and cabled telecommunication networks needcost-intensive,extensive infrastructure. Maintaining that infrastructure requires investment, capital as well as geographic reach that stops many organizations from entering the wireless and wireline industry arena. Hence, it isusually dominated by only a handful of major players.


These telecommunications conglomerates are the parent of a delta of regional operations, which in turn are broken down into smaller subsidiaries. Independent telecommunications providers that wish to offer telephone and wireless networks also need to build agreements with these larger corporations to access and use most of the pre-built infrastructure of telecommunications, such as fixed lines or wireless hotspots.

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Coverage Outages

For organisations that rely on telecommunications, broadband and internet networks on a regular basis, coverage outages are a major pain point. Although back-up systems may be in place during outages for certain large businesses, the vast majority are at the whims of properly working wires, cables and data signal transmitters, as well as other mechanical and human systems. If any of those devices are disabled or disrupted, phone and internet functions are temporarily lost.

International Travel Costs and Services

Businesses used to waste tremendous time and money sending officials to conduct business overseas. Meetings were conducted in person or over the internet, with the latter carrying such exorbitant fees at special international per-minute rates that made these calls unworkable for many.

This environment has been changed by the internet, making international telecommunications more accessible and usable, but not inherently problem-free. Global data sharing and network access and security are especially affected by telecoms problems.

Businesses today need a single telecommunications suite that links multiple devices to the same server at multiple locations, allowing individuals access to the network, applications and data when suitable. Moreover, the unified telecommunications suite should not forget the basics that make it intuitive to touch and communicate across borders, from audio, video and web-based conferencing to hybrid systems with all these capabilities.