Meet the Digital Field Workers

By Telecom Tech Outlook | Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The fieldworker doesn't mean the physical worker anymore; the technology has gifted the Communication Service Providers with the digitally enabled service professionals i.e., the digital field worker

Fremont, CA: With digital technologies entering into our lives, our expectations and demands have risen up accordingly. This ever-increasing demand and expectations have raised a serious challenge for the communication industry, and the Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are heading towards their field workers to sustain this competitive market.

Interestingly, the fieldworker doesn't mean the physical worker anymore who would be hunting across the market to gather customer information and move in the market for the sales. The technology has gifted the CSPs with digitally enabled service professionals i.e., the digital field worker. These digital field workers will not only help to transform the current operations of CSPs positively but also help them improve operational efficiencies, increase customer satisfaction, and develop new services.

Who are Digital Field Workers?

The millennial generation has replaced the largest population of field service workers, i.e., the baby boom generation, who are retiring at a rapid rate. Technology has integrated itself into the daily lives of the millennials in the form of smartphones, social media, laptops, etc. This, in turn, has lead the CSPs to rely more on technology for more efficient and responsive to customer needs, thus, introducing the digital field workers in the form of the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and mobility.

When these digitally field workers integrate with digital technology, they are believed to influence the following three service areas:-

Improved Customer Experience

Technology has empowered the modern-day customers and has made their lives easier. Their demands and expectations have increased, and they do not like any roadblocks to access what they want. Most of the top communications executives have admitted that the better customer experience is one of their prior strategies, the use of digital field workers would help to execute the strategy by optimizing the power of connectivity to deliver exceptional service to the customers.

Predictive Field Service

A survey done by the Gartner forecasts that around 20.4 billion products across the globe will be connected by IoT by 2020. Predictive field service utilizes the service of IoT with Artificial Intelligence(AI), ML, and data science to predict the time of servicing and replacement of any equipment, increase schedule accuracy, and ultimately deliver better service to customers. It is informed in well advance to the digital field workers about the events before they happen in real-time.

New Business Models and Services -

The pressure to control costs and boost revenues, CSPs will generally prefer new models and services. It is expected that digital-based products, services, and businesses can increase a firm's revenue by 50 percent by the end of 2020. Digital field workers will help the CSPs to staff, scale, and enter new markets while maintaining the costs as well.

The digital field worker is going to act as a catalyst for the CSPs in this tech-induced market. It will enable an organization to stand strong in the market and would drive its success and growth in return.

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