New Podcast by TelcoBridges to Create Industry Awareness

By Telecom Tech Outlook | Thursday, April 04, 2019

TelecoBridges announced the launch of its new podcast series called the Telecom Disruptors, which will focus on people and technology that are transforming the way we communicate. Taking a broader view of the industry, the ultimate aim of the podcast is to provide listeners regular awareness into the changing technologies that affect the communication landscape and how the listeners can make use of the changes to better communicate with families, friends, and businesses.  The regular episodes of this podcast series will be presented by a famous industry veteran, blogger, and speaker Alan Percy.

The interviews will initially feature notable industry experts. Eric Berger, Chief Technology Officer at FCC, will discuss the FCC’s action to reduce illegitimate robocalling. Jim Dalton, CEO at TransNexus will discuss the adoption of SHAKEN/STIR in carriers. Rebeka Johnson, CEO at Numerical will be addressing legal and wanted robocalls. Jonathan Rosenberg, a SIP expert, will be sharing his thinking about the impact of telecommunications migration to the cloud. There are various topics for future discussions which includes the threat of illegitimate robocalling and steps to stop offenders, Importance of chatbots, team collaboration and continual chats, Influence of AI in communication, 5G and wireless adoption, Virtual reality, Video, and AR adoption, Significance of open source software in communications, Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) for service providers, The effects of migrating communication servers to cloud, and more.

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