Post the Association with AWS, ZephyrTel Now Announces its Cloud Forward Program

Telecom Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 13, 2019

ZephyrTel, a software enterprise catering to telecommunications operators across the globe has announced the launch of the ‘Cloud Forward Program’ that is designed to enable businesses to traverse through the cloud transition.

FREMONT, CA: ZephyrTel has introduced its Cloud Forward Programme for accelerating the telco cloud revolution.

Incepted in early 2018, the firm has swiftly scaled up to earn around $70 million in revenue. Today, ZephyrTel serves over 330 leading Telecom operators from across the globe by extending cloud solutions for infrastructure, customer experience, mobile, and retail.

Additionally, ZephyrTel retains a keen focus on solving the issues faced by carrier legacy infrastructures for both IT and Network.

About four months before this announcement, ZephyrTel had revealed information on signing a telecom-powered strategic collaboration agreement with the AWS, the Amazon Web Services. The agreement marked a keen focus and effective strategies that ZephyrTel deploys into the Telco sector.

ZephyrTel already employs several Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, 5G and IoT solutions ready-to-be deployed through AWS and now focuses on acquiring a complete charging and billing stack for complementing existing solutions. ZephyrTel has also shown a keen interest in acquiring Telco software firms to augment their cloud portfolio plans without compromising on customer’s stability.

ResponseTek, a consumer experience management platform by ZephyrTel was the first solution by the firm to be incorporated into the AWS. Soon, Mobilogy Now Software was launched, which was a cost-efficient software-only solution. Now ZephyrTel is working towards migrating all other ZephyrTel solutions to the AWS.

Further, ZephyrTel also has an innovation center which will showcase Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) which would further expand the AWS-ZephyrTel footprint with carriers.

“When you take a look at the various worldwide verticals, financial services or retail or supply chain or pharmaceutical or whatever, many of these have thoroughly by now embraced cloud and SaaS [Software-as-a-Service] and hosted solutions, and they are well into their cloud transformations. Our view is that is less true of telco as a worldwide industry…and the carriers that are doing this stand out,” says Mike Shinya, CEO, ZephyrTel.  “Where we want to get to is when Telcos think about a cloud migration or about redeploying important applications in the cloud, we want them to automatically associate that with ZephyrTel,” Mike adds.