Spectralink Announces Availability of Mobile Intelligence Platform, AMIE

Telecom Tech Outlook | Tuesday, March 02, 2021

AMIE supports mission-critical communications by monitoring user experience on Wi-Fi networks and providing call performance metrics to ensure optimal connectivity.

FREMONT, CA: Spectralink, a leader in enterprise mobility solutions, announced that its mobile intelligence platform, AMIE, is now available worldwide. Paired with Spectralink's mobile devices, AMIE provides call performance data and actionable insights to locate, diagnose, and resolve network communication breakdowns quickly. Plus, AMIE makes mobile fleet deployment quick and easy.

AMIE for Wi-Fi provides organizations with visibility into Spectralink's Versity smartphones' performance to help support and maintain these vital assets and the critical business applications running on them.

Spectralink is the only wireless mobile device vendor that provides call performance analytics with our patent-pending Voice Experience Tracking Technology (VETT). This technology measures each call's voice quality to assess traffic degradation and performance as calls are handed off from wireless access point to access point. This enables users to evaluate device or network issues and quickly identify if and where network access points are having trouble handing off call traffic.

AMIE also saves time and costs by proactively monitoring device health, alerting users in advance when to replace device batteries, and enabling administrators to track and recover lost devices easily.

"We are thrilled to launch the AMIE platform with our voice experience tracking technology and mobility infrastructure analytics empowering organizations to continually improve mission-critical communications and optimize business workflows," said Doug Werking, CEO of Spectralink. "AMIE provides a highly scalable, low cost, cloud-based solution that gives our customers access to critical operational information about their mobility investments."

In addition to AMIE for Wi-Fi, Spectralink also provides AMIE for IP-DECT, which offers fast deployment and centralized administration of servers, base stations, and handsets to keep Spectralink DECT systems running smoothly.