Teal Communication Unveiled eSim and IoT Connectivity Platform

Telecom Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The new IoT connectivity platform will build a secure and reliable platform for the customers; Teal eSim is suited for all IoT devices.

FREMONT, CA: The Washington, US-headquartered Teal Communications has recently unveiled its new eSim and the Internet of Things IoT connectivity platform. Teal’s eSim solution provider operates more than 2,000 cellular networks encrypted end-to-end communication and connecting device securely, affordably, and reliably.

The platform provides patent-pending network design and global telecommunications marketplace, as well as a proprietary customer Bill and Support System (BSS). The high spot feature of the Teal platform is that it allows any device to connect anywhere.

To attain highly secure, scalable, and cost-effective connections, the new platform of Teal uses a multi-network approach. All compatible IoT devices, including scooters, bikes, drones, autonomous vehicles, sensors, meters, asset trackers, healthcare devices, tablets, point-of-sale devices, and wearable can use Teal.

Teal’s products are like relaxants for the IoT companies as it has proven a good solution for them. Through the platform of eSim, one can easily maintain connection and can increase access to affordable connectivity globally. The other feature which attracts the users is that it presents several layers of security that were formerly missing from other solutions.

Teal’s eSIM solution is the most unfailing in the market, designed with multiple core networks. This eliminates pricing volatility and making network faults a thing of the past. It provides customers the flexibility to program cards within specific geographies, ensuring that the most optimal connection is always utilized. Technologies like 5G, LTE-M, and NB-IoT will be evolved from this platform. The other thing is Teal is amazingly affordable because simply you have to pay for what you use after using it.

Teal’s product can solve a unique pain-point experienced by many IoT companies. The eSIM connectivity platform increases access to affordable connectivity globally, and will also add several layers of security that were formerly missing from other solutions, and will easily connect a vastly expanding universe of IoT devices.