The Future of Telecom Industry 2020 and Beyond

Telecom Tech Outlook | Thursday, December 26, 2019

The 2010’s have been a decade of cataclysm for the telecoms industry, but the 2020’s could be even more revolutionary. Here are few predictions done by some industry specialists about the telecom industry in 2020 and beyond

Fremont, CA: The last decade has observed a sea change in the telecom industry. Starting from the massive rise in the revenue to advanced technological advancements, the telecom industry has traveled miles in the last decade. Similarly, there are a lot of expectations of the consumers as well as the investors from the telecom industry in 2020 and beyond. Here are few predictions made by some industry veterans about the telecom industry in 2020 and beyond.

5G Ecosystem

Talking about the future of telecom and not discussing about something which is on everyone's lip would be quite silly. Yes, that's 5G. 2020 will be the year that witnesses 5G rolled out in earnest in number of countries, surpassing the limited releases we have seen so far. 5G is not only about the faster connection rather represents an entirely new platform upon which innovations can take place. A number of industries are going to be benefitted from its implementation.

Shifting to 5G technology will quite be a challenge for some companies, and they'll lag behind the competition. Hence the major players should ensure that their technology is flexible and opens doors for others.

Privacy vs. Personalization

The last decade has witnessed the use and misuse of private data brought to the public's attention, perhaps for the first time. Consumers are now more conscious than ever of their digital traces. As businesses strive to surpass competitors through hyper-personalized customer services, regulations around data control and privacy are likely to become more stringent. Machine learning and AI will be at the core of this progression, quickly becoming omnipresent with various consumer apps to manage consumer data. However, the use of AI could put extra strain on the industry's association with the public. As opposed to the sci-fi phantasm of the cinema screen, these AI must be swiftly proven to be well synchronized and transparent.

The Rise of IoT

The development of 5G will steer in a new generation of IoT technologies, making the dream of Smart cities true and beyond. The sector must expect to see a couple of areas of growth in end-to-end solutions and development. Massive IoT solutions will appear i.e., a huge number of low-cost devices, sensors, and actuators that consume very low amounts of energy to sustain long battery life will come into existence.

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