The SD-WAN Sector Crossed over $1B Benchmark in 2019

Telecom Tech Outlook | Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The innovations and workings of SD-WAN were understood by pioneers. However, in the on-going year, these companies are making in-depth promises in the cloud and multi-cloud strategies. Let’s have a look

Fremont, CA: No industrial researcher will deny the fact that the SD-WAN sector burned bright in 2019. A recent research conducted by Dell ‘Oro Group has revealed that the SD-WAN industry grew by 64 percent in 2019, and surpassed the $1 billion mark as well. 

According to Dell ‘Oro Group’s first SD-WAN market share report, the five leading vendors in the arena are Cisco, Silver Peak, Versa Networks, VMware, and Fortinet, respctively. These five vendors, in total, had a combined revenue share of approximately 60 percent in 2019. 

 “SD-WAN had a breakout year in 2019. The market moved beyond the early adopter phase, and we observed that vendors with larger installed bases gained the critical mass needed for sustained revenue growth,” said Shin Umeda, vice president at Dell’ Oro Group, in a statement. “This is a highly competitive market and with no vendor taking more than 20 percent market share, and we expect an ongoing market share battle in the coming years.”

Fortinet, a company that started offering its SD-WAN service only two years ago, in specific had a sound year in 2019. The company scored enough to be placed ahead of Aryaka for the fifth place. Around August, AvidThink founder and Principal Roy Chua examined many research and analyst groups’ SD-WAN vendors. Chua previously has quoted that among the more significant SD-WAN trends for the coming year, tighter SD-WAN integration into SaaS applications and IaaS platforms, and multi-cloud capabilities, are the most conventional ones. 

The critical trends that are driving SD-WAN innovation in 2020 is said to move deeper into the cloud to simplify some of the larger problems experienced by enterprises and service providers, including cloud security, cloud application performance, and multi-cloud connectivity.

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