uCloudlink Partners with Shenzhen Unicorn to Enhance Network Quality and Improve User Experience in 5G cloud Era

Telecom Tech Outlook | Monday, December 14, 2020

uCloudlink has already established alliances and partnerships with major mobile network operators (MNOs) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in China and Japan.

FREMONT, CA: uCloudlink Group, the world's first and leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, has teamed up with the Shenzhen Branch of China United Network Communications Group to enable network connection with superior quality and optimize user experience in the 5G Cloud era. The long-term strategic partnership will see both partners pursue comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in the areas of mobile broadband, add-on value services, product provision, and resource sharing.

Shenzhen became the first Chinese city to achieve full-scale 5G coverage in August this year and has been recognized globally as the world leader in 5G technology. More than 46,000 base stations were deployed to supply 5G to Shenzhen's 12.5 million residents, and the city will now promote the development of 5G industries by making several breakthroughs in wireless technologies and building a comprehensive application ecosystem. As the leading telecom operator in China's tech hub, Shenzhen Unicom selected uCloudlink as their strategic partners in their domestic services enhancement approach, which seeks to improve customer experience and network quality in the 5G Cloud Era.

As part of the partnership, uCloudlink will help Shenzhen Unicom improve services and make the user experience faster and better with its core patented PaaS and SaaS platform. The uCloudlink PaaS and SaaS platform integrates the relevant resources of data service suppliers, terminal suppliers, and application developers and allocates data traffic intelligently and dynamically to end-users to enhance user experience. It also facilitates the transaction between the demand side and supply side of data service and improves network resources' utilization rate.

The partnership will enable uCloudlink to cement its position as the leading technology provider in the early stage of 5G using its PaaS and SaaS platform. Simultaneously, it will allow uCloudlink to reach a broad user base quickly and efficiently by leveraging Shenzhen Unicom's large scale of subscribers.

The alliance is a welcome challenge for uCloudlink, which has already established itself as an innovator in the telecommunications industry. The company is confident to capture opportunities presented by 5G Cloud era by leveraging its mature technology and R&D capabilities.

Looking ahead, uCloudlink will continue to form alliances with MNOs, MVNOs, and business partners globally with the driving goal to further strengthen its PaaS and SaaS ecosystem, provide superior network quality and connection for global carriers, business partners, and users, and accelerate innovation in the 5G Cloud era.