Unique Approach to 5G Mobile Core Protection

Telecom Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 24, 2019

Digital transformation has led many companies to undergo a beneficial transformation like improving customer relationships using chatbots. With advances in the digital era, businesses are reaching heights using technologies like AI and machine learning. When internet users have increased, the problem occurring due to the internet also arises like website hacks, etc. In order to eliminate the cybersecurity problems, there are surplus solution providers that help many companies to stay protected from data breaches and hacking.

A10 Networks, founded in 2004, is a security provider that provides intelligent automation using machine-learning systems in order to solve the critical security challenges of the clients. Due to the blind faith on the firewall, many companies have relied upon firewall techniques for their works. A10 Networks works on data center firewall, GI/SGI firewall, and IPSEC VPN. A10 is an effective competitor in providing the best firewall solutions for 4G and 5G networks; it conducts many webinars to make other companies aware of the problems in the firewall. Among many firewall solutions, A10 Network’s Thunder Convergent Firewall wins the 5G network security design for the second half of 2018.

According to a recent announcement, a Japanese mobile career company has selected Thunder Convergent Firewall for its 5G network operations. A10 Networks won the fourth quarter by providing the best value-added security design. Gi-LAN is the segment in the 4G and 5G network that deploys the IP functions in the way between gateways and internet. Thunder Convergent Firewall offers comprehensive 5G mobile core protection like hyperscale and performance automation at an effective cost.

Many companies have been depending upon the firewall in order to support their demands of 5G technology. In order to have extreme reliability, comprehensive feature set, many companies rely on the Thunder Convergent Firewall to outperform their competitors. In order to have a reliable and secure network, A10 Networks has been involved in providing a variety of federal and international certification courses. 

“A10 is extremely well positioned to address the security needs of mobile carriers and their 4G and 5G networks,” said A10’s CEO Lee Chen. The enhanced A10 Thunder CFW includes features like Gi -LAN consolidation, application visibility, and control, GTP Firewall, intelligent traffic steering and accelerates adoption of SDN/NFV. The company has been moving forward in protecting the security needs of popular operators who are involved in providing 4G and 5G networks.