Upgraded Transport Network up for Offer by Atlantic Broadband

Telecom Tech Outlook | Wednesday, May 06, 2020

The Atlantic Broadband releases 10-Gigabit fiber service for its business partners for business fulfillment 

Fremont, CA: Atlantic Broadband is offering 10-Gigabit, fiber-based speeds to all its business customers in parts of the company’s footprint. The company is owned by Cogeco and assumes the position of the eighth-largest cable operator in the U.S. Atlantic Broadband is offering the 10-Gig Service in the region of western Pennsylvania, Rochester, New Hampshire, and Southern Maine. The telecom giant plans to roll out the Service in the above-listed areas and around the company’s Belmont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, and Florida service areas.

Before the launch, Atlantic broadband conducted a significant upgrade to its transport network to enable the symmetrical 10-Gig speed without the necessity of additional engineering requirements for businesses that want a better bandwidth performance.

Atlantic Broadband is utilizing Cisco and Fujitsu equipment in New Hampshire and Maine, and Cisco and Ciena in Western Pennsylvania. Atlantic Broadband is using an active Ethernet for the 10-Gig Service, which is a point-to-point technology that connects an optical line terminal (OLT) to optical network terminals (ONT) at customer locations. 

 “The investment by Atlantic Broadband in our core network means these markets are now 10-Gig ready, so businesses looking for the enterprise-class speed, reliability, and scale of dedicated internet access (DIA) or point-to-point solutions can be installed quickly without the need for additional network configuration work,” said Atlantic Broadband’s Heather McCallion, vice president of products and programming for Atlantic Broadband. “With advanced, forward-looking 10-Gig technology, we will meet the demanding data needs of today’s businesses, while having the capacity to meet future needs as businesses grow.” 

Along with the provision of improved access to cloud-based business applications and services, such as Office 365 and Salesforce, faster speeds enhance 8k and 4k video streaming services, video conferencing, rapid data backups, and the transport of high-resolution diagnostic imaging. 

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