What is Managed Services in the Telecom Industry

Telecom Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 28, 2021

Managed Services has been a trusted telecoms industry practice for more than ten years. Many local, regional, and multinational mobile network operators employ global providers of managed services to partially or completely establish and operate their networks.

Fremont, CA: Managed services free up the time and resources of operators to allow them to create value-added services for their end-users while reducing transition costs, cost-related uncertainties, and enhancing visibility into the type of investment required to sustain their competitiveness and market position.

To develop a degree of size, expertise, and skills matched by very few, telecoms-focused Managed Services companies have spent considerable time and resources. Managed Services offered by suppliers of equipment exploit the vast knowledge of technology, engineering, and operations gained over several years from the development and operation of mobile and fixed networks of varying sizes and complexity across the globe in all their engagements.

Traditionally, managed services have been used mainly to ensure reductions in operating and capital costs. Managed Services have become the main driver for transforming and enhancing costs, efficiency, protection, and control of network operations and performance, along with end-user experience, and not just a cost-saving model.

The Managed Services Provider intends, under a Managed Services Agreement, regulated by a Service Level Agreement (SLA), to operate the network and its services at the level of efficiency and reliability necessary to ensure the quality of end-user experience. The operator maintains full ownership and management of the mobile network and is responsible for investment decisions, policy, architecture, design, technology and vendor choice, and access control and network security.

Managed Services provider assumes responsibility for the daily activities, optimization, and maintenance of the network, its services, and platforms deployed. Using an integrated global distribution model to manage, optimize and sustain the mobile operator's network, the provider incorporates best-practice organizational, engineering, and security processes and tools and transforms network operations.