Why is Cyber- Security Priority in Telecommunication Sector?

Catalina Joseph, Telecom Tech Outlook | Monday, August 01, 2022

According to current research, 43 percent of telecommunications organizations have got subjected to a DNS-malware-based attack. Moreover, it also gets discovered that telecommunications only applied four of the eleven important patches recommended by the ISC, putting them particularly vulnerable to zero-day attacks

Fremont, CA: When it comes to cybersecurity or cyber attack, many believe telecommunications are among the most sensitive to cyber security assaults.The telecom sector serves as a gateway. It is an integral part of everyday lives, from private chats to corporate contacts, and people take many aspects for granted. Moreover, the sector enables speedy communication globally, whether through the phone, the internet, airwaves, or cables.

In recent years, as technology advanced, the world has expanded, and the threat landscape has altered, cyber-attacks on the telecom industry have skyrocketed. Given that this industry handles the great bulk of complex and essential national infrastructure, a cyberattack would have a far-reaching impact.

The Big Cyber Security Risks:

With enormous user bases, telecom businesses provide numerous chances for malicious actors' to get illegal access to the information. Mobile devices, home routers, and unsecured mobile apps are all key sources of risk. Some of the likely outcomes of a cybercriminal attack are as follows:

• credit card and ID theft 

• website damage 

• reputation loss

An attack on any telecom provider's infrastructure will have far consequences, potentially affecting an entire country, businesses, customers, and government agencies. Moreover, an attack of this magnitude would severely jeopardize the telecom brand's reputation and reliability.

How Telecom Companies Can Improve Security:

Maintaining proper security necessitates keeping up with data security technical breakthroughs and adhering to a constantly changing compliance landscape. Keep in mind that security technology that worked yesterday may not be appropriate for today's problems.

Malicious actors strike in a variety of ways, taking advantage of flaws in software, hardware, and even our human urges. As a result, telecom companies would be better able to address threats posed by cybersecurity threats inherent in the industry if they took a holistic approach to cyber security.

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