Why it is Beneficial to Adopt Managed Services

Telecom Tech Outlook | Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Managed services providers take over the daily operations, enhance and handle the implemented network, its services, and platforms. The provider used best-practice operational, engineering, and security processes and tools and transforms network operations using an enhanced global delivery model to operate, enhance, and maintain the mobile operator’s network.

Fremont, CA: With the implementation of 5G and the demand for reliable, secure, and robust connectivity, mobile network operators need to tackle the increasing complexity of their networks driven by the growing value of devices, various technologies, and different service requirements.

Delivering end-user value is vital to achieving success for mobile network operators. 5G is creating opportunities for new revenue streams and speeding up cross-industry digitalization. Many mobile network operators are at different phases of facilitating 5G to recognize and gain added revenue and market positions across consumer and business segments.

The business segment will be a source of growth as 5G enables low latency-critical applications in manufacturing, logistics, and energy, and huge machine type IoT applications like smart metering. However, revenue growth for mobile network operators from the consumer segment will not pursue the growth in data volumes propelled by 5G.

Mobile networks are adopting digitization powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to boost important business and operational process efficiencies.

Day-to-day network and IT engineering and operations are activities required to design, build, manage, and optimize networks and IT as well as with services and its related confidentiality, integrity, availability, and performance. It supports multivendor-based technology domains throughout mobile and fixed networks such as radio and fixed access networks, backhaul and transmissions, core networks, operational and business support systems, and services like voice, IoT, and mobile broadband that run over these networks.

Many local, regional, and international mobile network operators contract global Managed service providers to build and manage their networks in part or entirely. Managed services free up an operator’s time and capital, allowing them to create value-added services for their end-users while eliminating the risks concerned with transformation, minimizing cost-related uncertainties, and optimize insights into the type of investment needed to gain their competitiveness and market position.

Telecom-focused Managed services providers invest most of their time and money to develop a degree of the scale, experience, and ability. It used to be used to secure operational and capital cost savings. But today, Managed services have become an essential driver in transforming and maximizing value, quality, security, and control of network operations and performance and end-user experience.

Data-driven telecoms Managed services are developed on a strong foundation of consolidating data science, AI-driven capabilities, and in-depth telecom domain expertise. This availability and quality of relevant data is vital to successfully implementing data-driven operations.

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