Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, March 19,2020

Feature of the Week

​With the evolution of the 5G FWA ecosystem, there will be a rise in commercial launches of 5G FWA services and CPE. Also, its market will increase at CAGR 71 percent to reach under 7 million units in 2024   Read more
Amazon has alleged that President Donald Trump's detest for Amazon CEO and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos is a key reason in Microsoft winning the contract   Read more
BT Security adds another layer of threat detection in its Security Advisory Services practice   Read more

CIO Viewpoint

IT Strategy: This Time, It's Personal

Featured Vendors

Privi: Text-based Marketing Redefined

VIAVI Solutions: Enhancing Business Outcomes

Network Control: One-Stop-Shop for Tem Solutions

CXO Insights

Open Flow 1.3.1 and TTP: Enabling SDN for Carrier Networks