Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Friday, July 31,2020

Feature of the Week

5G networks that empower an expansion in bandwidth and formulate a threat landscape, in contrast to different frameworks, support an enormous number of associated gadgets.   Read more
The word structured cabling describes how cables run within a building to efficiently distribute an information network to all the places in the building that would need connections.   Read more
Together, SpotX and SpringServe will offer joint customers state-of-the-art ad serving, inventory management, and programmatic capabilities, helping media owners take more control over their video advertising businesses.   Read more

CIO Viewpoint

IT Strategy: This Time, It's Personal

Featured Vendors

RLS-CMC, Inc.: A Unanimous Choice for DAS and Small Cell

Kaiser Associates: Fueling Your Growth

CXO Insights

Open Flow 1.3.1 and TTP: Enabling SDN for Carrier Networks