Prepay Nation: Simplified Access to Cross-Border Revenue Opportunities

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AJ Hanna, CEO, Prepay NationAJ Hanna, CEO
Prepay Nation began its journey in 2009 to simplify recharging cross-border, pay-as-you-go wireless accounts and level the digital accessibility playing field for subscribers, irrespective of where they are situated in the world. Today, the company has broadened its business scope and become a worldwide leader in helping brands—including mobile network operators (MNOs), telcos, utilities, gaming-streaming-gifting platforms and NGOs—enable fast and reliable cross-border prepaid micro-transactions.

Prepay Nation boasts an operational presence in more than 150 countries, with hundreds of partners, over 600 mobile operators, and more than 300,000 channel outlets— backed by a globally-distributed team. This vast coverage helps Prepay Nation foster large-scale user and brand inclusivity for its clients. Any brand that offers prepaid products and services can partner with Prepay Nation to effortlessly gain international presence and growth.

How Does Prepay Nation Achieve This?

Prepay Nation has built a technology platform that gives brands unprecedented access to the company’s valueadded services (VAS) marketplace and connects them to vast distribution networks of resellers, independent sales organizations (ISOs) worldwide, and imbedded solutions providers, including self-service kiosks, point of sale devices, e-commerce websites, and retail locations, through which brands can create and sell their prepaid cross-border offers. Because of the highly attractive commission rates and competitive revenue-sharing models that Prepay Nation has in its distribution network, brands can gain broad exposure among the international diasporas. Be it through vouchers, gift cards, loyalty programs, or top-up bundles, Prepay Nation brings plenty of options for brands to win new customers and generate incremental revenues.

Describing how it succeeds in unlocking the diasporadriven revenue for clients, AJ Hanna, CEO of Prepay Nation, says, “There are nearly 300 million immigrants who live and work around the world, away from their homecountries. They wish to support friends, family and loved ones back home by directly topping up their mobile devices, prepaying utility bills, or sending gift cards. We enable our partners to fulfill this largely unmet diasporic need by being at their customers’ disposal through the multitudes of touchpoints that we offer.” This allows brands to scale globally faster and with minimal cost and resource overheads.
Conversely, with Prepay Nation, global brands can establish a diaspora-sponsored presence in remote markets. For instance, a Filipino expat working in the UAE can seamlessly pay for a globally popular streaming service—via touchpoints powered by Prepay Nation’s technology hub and value-added services (VAS) marketplace—for their family in a different country.

Prepay Nation: The Solution that Keeps on Giving

Prepay Nation’s technology hub and VAS marketplace is purpose built for easy adoption and operational convenience. The Prepay Nation Platform seamlessly interconnects digital banks, prepaid airtime distributors, processors, cross-border marketers, financial service providers, rewards and loyalty programs, enabling brands to engage with the diaspora in any country.

By connecting billions of consumers to thousands of brands through hundreds of thousands of brick-and-mortar locations and digital channels, Prepay Nation helps mobile operators, utility companies, financial institutions, gaming, social and entertainment platforms win new customers, reward them and keep them connected and engaged. Prepay Nation combines its state-of-the-art technology and prepaid marketplace to build a comprehensive ecosystem with 600 mobile operator partnerships in 150+ countries and 300,000 merchant locations across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.
  • Our key differentiators are our people, our speed to market, and our ability to add new products or enable new partners within days. We will work with our partners to get to the best possible outcome for them and their customers

By giving diasporas convenient worldwide access to their homeland brands, today, Prepay Nation has opened doors to international revenue opportunities for brands in ways that were previously unperceivable. Looking ahead, Prepay Nation will help scale more businesses globally and tick their checkboxes of customer acquisition, retention, satisfaction, and loyalty, with utmost operational ease, affordability, and quick time-to-market.

Finding a business to take care of your customers can be no easy feat and, as mobile networks operators, the infrastructure and services needs to ensure that subscribers are receiving the best experience possible whenever and wherever they engage with their brands and the products they offer. This is at the heart of what Prepay Nation delivers every day. As a leading global B2B digital micropayments platform powering local and cross-border transfers of prepaid mobile top-ups, data bundles, gaming pins, and gift cards, Prepay Nation seamlessly connects billions of consumers to the people and activities they care about most.
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Prepay Nation

Prepay Nation

Berwyn, PA

AJ Hanna, CEO

By giving diasporas worldwide convenient access to their homeland brands via multiple touchpoints in their country of residence, Prepay Nation opens international revenue avenues for brands.