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Nishant Nair, CEO and Founder, RecVue., RecVueNishant Nair, CEO and Founder, RecVue.
Ever-evolving customer preferences have driven telecom companies to restructure their traditional revenue, or billing, models. However, this is not an easy feat for most of them, given the reliance on manual processes, such as spreadsheets. As a result, businesses are still struggling with massive payment and transaction volumes, rigid contracts with tiered pricing, escalating commissions, and billing errors. Although homegrown solutions can be an answer to all these quandaries, they lack the scalability needed to handle significant workloads.

This is where RecVue Agile Monetization Platform (RAMP360)—a complete suite of applications offering billing, revenue, and partner compensation solutions for large enterprises—makes a world of difference.

"The 5G revolution and the proliferation of IoT devices have created complicated revenue models. To be successful, businesses must handle millions of financial transactions per day, seamlessly," says Nishant Nair, CEO and Founder, RecVue. “Our unified platform was created with these challenges in mind.”

RAMP360, the industry’s only platform capable of fully automating the complex processes of billing and invoicing, revenue recognition and partner compensation, was built for large enterprises to maximize flexibility, operationalize any revenue model and handle today’s high transaction volumes.

"We are the only platform to provide a 360-degree visibility into today’s most critical financial activities, giving enterprises the tools necessary for future growth," says Nair. RAMP360 is created using a microservices design, with one of the key considerations being the ability to process large volumes of data at enterprise speed. Designed with agility and flexibility in mind, the solution accommodates future products and service offerings as businesses evolve.
This monetization platform provides a configurable system to handle collection and billing at variable frequencies. It has the ability to collect usage data against individual contract lines, flexibility in pricing usage based on customer needs, and ease of access to manage visibility and reprocessing of usage data exceptions. The data mediation layer in the platform enables users to take complete control of all workloads.

RAMP360 includes an advanced pricing module that allows for the configuration of customer-specific rule-based pricing. The product has been designed to meet the most stringent contractual requirements and attribute-based pricing models.

The platform’s revenue management module allows users to automate application controls with key features that are purpose-built according to ASC 606 / IFRS 15 regulations. This enterprise-grade cloud solution complies with all stringent regulations, audit controls, and security standards in order to efficiently and accurately manage and report revenue.

RAMP360 takes an accurate reading of a client's most important data sets, producing trusted billing details, accurately-reported revenue, and trusted partner compensation details to positively impact the bottom line. More importantly, the platform complements the client’s existing ERP systems by adding critical functionalities, essentially extending the life of these investments. As a result, businesses do not need to completely overhaul the tools they are accustomed to using.
  • We are the only platform to provide a 360-degree visibility into today’s most critical financial activities, giving enterprises the tools necessary for future growth

The comprehensive platform has enabled RecVue to serve a plethora of clients. A cell phone tower infrastructure provider was facing significant challenges owing to their manual order-to-cash process. As a result, they faced tremendous revenue losses. RAMP360 fully automated the order-to-cash process while enabling the client to better handle all their contracts. This enabled the client to increase its revenue nearly by 25-percent.

By eliminating numerous, unnecessary manual operations, RAMP360 is truly redefining traditional billing processes to make businesses more efficient.
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Palo Alto, CA

Nishant Nair, CEO and Founder, RecVue.

RecVue empowers large enterprises to accelerate growth and profitability in today’s digital economy by monetizing any revenue model at scale. Trusted by the world’s leading companies in various industries including business services, transportation and logistics, healthcare, hospitality, energy and utilities, financial services, telecom, media and high tech, RecVue Agile Monetization Platform (RAMP360) is built for maximum flexibility, auditability and scalability.